An Inspiring story from Poland and the UK: Lady Ryder of Warsaw

About this event

It’s Polish Heritage Month in the UK! To celebrate this month, Iwona Golinska, the President of Polish Sue, will be joining us LIVE on Facebook. As a Polish expat living in London, Iwona will be discussing the lasting connection held between the UK and Poland, as well as the legacy of people such as Lady Sue Ryder.

Iwona will talk to us about:

  • The relationship between the UK and Poland
  • The life of Lady Sue Ryder of Warsaw
  • The Polish diaspora in the UK
  • Staying connected to your Polish heritage


Iwona Golinska founded Polish Sue in memory of Lady Sue Ryder, a British volunteer with Special Operations Executive in WWII, who went on to help many displaced people, particularly in Poland. Iwona also wants Polish Sue to celebrate and promote beneficial Polish and British relations. She works in the telecommunications industry and speaks several Eastern European languages fluently. She studied Culture and Fine Arts at UMCS in Poland, and Business and Finance at Sussex University in England. Iwona completed her MBA at Kingston Business School, where she later also completed her PhD in International Economics.

Join us here at the time of the event:


7:00 pm - 7:30 pm