60 Million Congress 2022 – Global Polonia Summit

About this event

The 60 Million Congress – Global Polonia Summit is a series of international events that brings together key business and political leaders as well as cultural and community activists that are connected to the European Union, Poland and the Polish diaspora.
The name of the conference reflects the overall number of Poles and people of Polish descent around the world, which is over 60 million. The guiding principle of the conference is to provide a meeting platform to exchange ideas, initiate discussions, and offer solutions that will lead to further development of business and political relationships in line with the trends of the 21st century.
This year, the Congress will be held in Miami, United States, between the 10th and the 12th of February 2022. The program includes discussion panels with experts, business leaders, Polish government representatives, community activists, local government officials, and ambassadors. The participants take part in an informal networking meetings, golf tournaments, cocktail receptions, and other special events. Besides a panel discussions, each Congress session examines the ways of working together with the Polish business community and cooperating with the Polonia power network as well as analysing the direction of growth of the Polish brand on the world map.
Eva Hussain, director of Polaron, will be leading the panel “60 MLN Heritage & Charity”. A full program of the event is available here.
You can purchase your tickets to attend the congress in Miami here.


10/02/2022 - 12/02/2022
All Day