Two ways of getting your Czech citizenship through family heritage

By Justine Parisot

Did you know that if you have a Czech heritage, you could officially become a Czech citizen by getting it confirmed by the Czech government? There are several ways to Czech citizenship.

One of them, called confirmation of Czech citizenship, applies to you if one or more of your parents was a citizenship of Czechoslovakia or a citizen of the Czech Republic at the time of your birth.

Another way of getting your Czech citizenship is by declaration. This applies to people who may have lost their Czech citizenship or whose direct ancestors lost their Czech citizenship (up to two generations) and never became citizens of the Slovak Republic.

If you meet one of these eligibility criteria above set by the Czech government and you never held Slovak citizenship, you can apply for your Czech citizenship through confirmation or declaration. To do so, there is a number of forms that need to be completed in the Czech language. These forms need to be accompanied by ancestral information and documentation to prove your Czech background and personal documents, translated into Czech if they were issued outside of the Czech Republic.

And… Good news! Since 2013, the Czech government allows dual citizenship. This means that if your Czech citizenship gets approved, you qualify for a second passport and can live, work and study in any of the 27 EU member countries with no restrictions.

How can Polaron help you?

  • We offer a free and confidential Czech citizenship eligibility assessment
  • If you are eligible, we can provide you with a no-obligation quote.
  • Should you decide to proceed with us, we provide you with linguistic, administrative and legal support and navigate through Czech regulations on your behalf.