Poles heritage & charity: Connecting generations abroad

By Eva Hussain – Director of Polaron

I heard about the 60 Million Congress for the first time four years ago, but I still remember my reaction to this day: finally!

There are many noble initiatives in the Polish community but none that I can think of that can be compared to the 60 Million Congress. It not only connects generations of Poles abroad and in Poland, integrating Polish business, scientific and social circles but is also a great opportunity to discuss our place in the world. As a Polish diaspora activist who left for Australia almost 40 years ago, I am always on the lookout platforms where views and opinions can be freely exchanged. It helps me make improvements at Polaron (www.polaron.eu), a company I established in 2000 that deals with translations into 170+ languages ​​and Polish citizenship.

Poles as a nation are famous for their hospitality, generosity and volunteerism, supporting various charitable initiatives. The first official investment from private donations was made towards a hospital at the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Wrocław, built in the 12th century. According to the latest research, every third Pole donates to all kinds of causes, becoming more and more willing to help those in need. Poles donate money but also take part in various charity campaigns. The Polish diaspora also embraces those activities: from single acts of aid to long-term involvement. Charity work in exile has a long tradition. It was created out a sense of duty towards Polish families, friends and the entire society.

In Miami, I will hold a discussion panel called Heritage and Charity. It will be an opportunity to discuss issues related to philanthropy, which is an important element of the social responsibility of the Polish nation at home and abroad, helping people in difficult circumstances, developing social initiatives and shaping civic awareness, whilst playing a key role in building a civil society.

Personally, I have already participated in five editions of the Congress, including on-line, so I strongly encourage you to participate in the upcoming congress in Miami. This is the next edition of the conference entirely devoted to the issues of economic, cultural and scientific development. This year, the organizers are expanding the Congress formula with some unique accompanying events. The Congress is aimed at people professionally or socially linked to Poland and the Polish diaspora.

If there is only one event this year you will attend, let it be the 60 Million Congress. See you soon.