German is the unofficial language of this small Texas town

Shelby is a small town with a population of just under 200, located in Austin Country, Texas. Despite its size, it has a unique feature that sets it apart from the rest, German is the unofficial language, spoken by many of its residents.

Like a lot of towns throughout Texas, Shelby, also known as “Little Germany”, has a rich history of immigration. After the German Revolution in 1848, a small German colony was formed and people of German heritage have continued to live here ever since. Residence within Shelby continue to speak German as their mother tongue and celebrate German traditions and customs as they did in Germany in the 1800s.

Due to Shelby’s strong sense of community, it’s no wonder this little town continues to thrive even today. Many of their older residents still speak German fluently and have passed the language down to their children and grandchildren. In addition, there are several German clubs and organizations that continue to help promote the language and culture.

An interesting aspect of Shelby’s heritage is the role it has played in shaping this little town’s economy. Many of the immigrants who settled in Little Germany were skilled craftsmen and farmers, which brought them the knowledge and expertise that is needed to establish a town like Shelby.

In more recent times, Shelby has also become a tourist destination of sorts, due to their unique lifestyle and age-old traditions; many travellers visit the town to experience true German heritage and immerse themselves in its culture. Also, as one of the more picturesque crossroads in the Texas area, this little town is sure to delight visitors with its charming scenery and welcoming community.

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