5 Must See Places in Prague

At the heart and soul of the Czech Republic, we have the illustrious city known as Prague. It’s described as one of Europe’s most iconic cities, famous for its rich agricultural heritage. With an abundance of historical sentiment, the city of Prague overflows with many amazing sights to see.

Here is a list of our top 5 must-see locations in Prague!

     1. Prague Castle

This symbolic landmark was built in the 9th century and represents a seat of power for historical kings of Bohemia, Holy Roman emperors and presidents of Czechoslovakia. Covering 45 hectares, it is known as the largest ancient castle in the world. With stunning courtyards, the magnificent St Vitus Cathedral and of course the breathtaking panoramic views – the Prague castle is a must-see.

     2. Charles Bridge

Have you ever dreamed of taking a stroll across a medieval bridge? If your answer is yes, then you must visit the Charles Bridge. It crosses the Vltava river in Prague and resembles the gothic and baroque architecture of Peter Parler, an influential craftsman of the Middle Ages. Amazingly, this remarkable piece of history took over 1000 years to build!

     3. The Old Town Square and the Astronomical Clock

Located in the old town square is one of the world’s oldest astronomical clocks. Legend has it that the maker of the astronomical clock made it so beautiful that he was blinded so that he could never recreate something of its kind for anyone else.

     4. Schwarzenberg Palace

It is one of Prague’s most outstanding historic buildings and is now home to the permanent exhibition of the Czech National Gallery. If you have an interest in Renaissance paintings from the 16th century, decorative arts and historic weapons, the palace is the perfect place to visit.

     5. Royal Game Reserve – Stromovka

There is no other way to describe this large green oasis, than magical and majestic. Think Central Park (New York City) but in Prague. When you walk through the largest garden in Prague, you will quickly understand why it is a must see. Whether you want to have a scenic picnic spot, a mesmerizing walk, or perhaps just a relaxing day at the park – this is your one-stop destination.


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The city of Prague is filled with many wonderful and beautiful places to visit. Take a look at the @cityofprague on Instagram for more locations to explore when in Czechia.