5 Benefits of German Citizenship

German passports are one of the most desired in the world. But why? Not only is this passport ranked #2 in the world, but it also offers you the unique opportunity to travel to 180+ countries. Read on to discover 5 benefits of obtaining German citizenship.

Benefit 1: Study in Germany for free

There are numerous reasons to study in Germany, but none more significant than the opportunity to study at a German university free of charge. Public universities in Germany have no tuition fees, and with over 240 public universities and 1,000+ study programs, studying in Germany is one of the best benefits of obtaining German citizenship.

Benefit 2: Traveling the world

Having German citizenship gives you access to travel to 180+ countries.

Fancy a visit to Poland? Unlimited stay. Want to taste the best Italian pizza and pasta in the world? Unlimited stay. Plan to experience the whole 2024 Olympic games in Paris? Unlimited stay.

German citizenship allows you to see the whole of Europe, and study and work in any of the EU countries without limitations. There is so much that the German passport offers and it only starts in Germany.

Benefit 3: Property investment

With German citizenship, you can own property in any of the EU countries, without the need for a permit. Expanding your horizons beyond Germany and owning property across Europe can be a great opportunity to benefit from Europe’s most profitable countries. Not only has Europe’s property market been strong in recent years, but the opportunity to build a diverse property portfolio across the EU can ensure your long-term financial success.

Benefit 4: Shaping Germany

All German citizens have the right to vote in both the federal and state elections in Germany. Not only does this give you the right to shape the future of Germany, but it enables you to stand as a candidate to represent your country within parliament. The right to vote is still a privilege in today’s society, and therefore, it should be seen as a huge advantage for any citizenship that offers it.

Benefit 5: Retiring in Germany

Germany is a magnificent country with a high standard of living and is relatively affordable compared to other major European countries. They have a high-quality healthcare system (essential for the later years) and plenty of activities to keep you entertained for a lifetime. There is so much to do and see in Germany that it is no surprise it consistently ranks highly among the top 10 most liveable cities in 2022.

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