The grant of Polish citizenship

Have you been told that you are not eligible for Polish citizenship by descent? You may be able to receive your Polish citizenship through an application to the President of the Republic of Poland.

What is the grant of Polish citizenship?

The grant of Polish citizenship is governed by the Law on Polish citizenship of 2 April 2009. Polish citizenship is granted by the President of the Republic of Poland. The President in his constitutional power may grant Polish citizenship to any foreigner and his authority in this regard is unlimited and final. Since the application is assessed at the President’s discretion, the outcome cannot be guaranteed. 

How do I apply?

The process consists of 4 steps:

  1. Acquisition of certificate of lack or loss of Polish citizenship through descent.
  2. Interview and submission of the application for grant via the consulate.
  3. Assessment of the submission by the Ministry of Interior Affairs.
  4. Grant by the President of Poland. 

Documentation required for grant of Polish citizenship:

  • Application form.
  • Current ID and passport-sized photo.
  • Birth and marriage certificate with Apostille.
  • Parents, grandparents and great-grandparents’ birth and marriage certificates.
  • Detailed resume outlining professional or personal achievements. 
  • Minutes of the consular meeting and interview. 
  • Certificate of non-Polish citizenship. 
  • Current police check.
  • Proof of relevant connection to the Polish diaspora and Poland.
  • Proof of financial stability, references from community members, proof of membership in Polish organisations abroad.
  • Copies of professional certificates, diplomas, licences or awards. 
  • Translations of all the documents into Polish by a sworn translator. 

The application is then forwarded by the Polish consul to the President of the Republic of Poland through the Ministry of Interior Affairs for assessment.  The Ministry may contact other government agencies for clarifications of certain matters. Each of these authorities may take 30 days or longer to respond. This is why the processing timelines are also difficult to predict and to receive a decision can take up to 2 years.

How can Polaron help?

Polaron’s role in the process is to support you in your journey, help prepare your application and provide information, translations and guidance as you go through it.  We are with you every step of the way.