Commemoration in honour of Captain Witold Pilecki

General of the Republic of Poland in Sydney & Pilecki Project Committee, cordially invite you to attend a commemoration in honour of Captain Witold Pilecki the only Auschwitz Volunteer. Sunday 16th February 16, 2014 at 3:00 pm Jewish Holocaust Center 13-15 Selwyn Street Elsternwick Vic 3185 RSVP: Friday 7 February 2014. Bookings & Enquiries: 03 9528 1985 or

Captain Pilecki was the only volunteer prisoner of Auschwitz German Nazi Concentration and Extermination Camp, who made a calculated decision to be arrested and imprisoned there, with the purpose to form a resistance network, gather intelligence and report about the camp situation to the outside world.

A British historian, Prof Michael Foot, in his book Six Faces of Courage, included Captain Pilecki in the six bravest underground soldiers of WW2.

Michael Schudrich, Chief Rabbi of Poland said:

‘Pilecki was an example of inexplicable goodness at time of inexplicable evil. There is ever-growing awareness of Poles helping Jews in the Holocaust, and how they paid with their lives, like Pilecki. We must honor these examples and follow them today in the parts of the world where there are horrors again.’

The commemoration will begin with a welcome by the Chief Executive Director of the JHC and the official opening of the event by the ambassadors of Poland and Israel, respectively.

This will be followed by a multimedia presentation and a lecture dedicated to Captain Pilecki and his clandestine activities in the German camp KL Auschwitz.

During the event the Pilecki Project Committee will hand over to JHC a new book translation of Captain Pilecki’s W Report Auschwitz 1940-1943 containing reports of the genocide committed in the German Extermination Camp Auschwitz as well as certified copies of the original reports. More information at