Brexit: Dual EU citizenship for people with Polish heritage has surprising benefits

I’m stating the obvious when I say that we live in a global society but as the world changes right before our eyes it’s good to remind ourselves that much of what is happening is actually positive, especially for those of us that are ambitious, agile and keen to expand our horizons.

It’s not all doom and gloom, despite what we might read on social media or in the press. In this new era of international relationships, we have become accustomed to taking advantage of the freedom to live, work and study anywhere in Europe.

Being part of the European Union offers access to new international business opportunities, lower cost of education abroad and unrestricted possibilities for travel across the continent. Young people are no longer confined to residing in their local town their entire life and they now can see the whole world as an opportunity; they are more mobile and open to cross-border opportunities. Unlike our parents or grandparents, we negotiate flexible working arrangements, we are more entrepreneurial and unafraid to push the boundaries, change jobs and try new things.

Since Poland has joined the European Union, it has become a truly international place. Over the past thirteen years, we have seen heavy investment in this region, which has resulted in a more globally outward-looking nation.

Poland is a country with bags of potential, offering great opportunities for business and study. The attitudes of Poles are now more globalised: they’re mobile, smart and eager to explore the world, and particularly the UK.

With Brexit imminent, people of Polish descent are now looking into getting a European passport, as it can offer them all a wealth of possibilities in terms of living, working and studying in Europe. They may have never considered their Polish background as an advantage but now, with Brexit, it may well be one of their greatest assets.

Working for Polaron since 2016, a global company which assists people with research and case management of Polish citizenship applications, I have seen the many opportunities that come with a European passport and just how many doors it can open for people. The advantages of an EU passport are endless in our globalised society, which is why I want to encourage those that are lucky enough to have Polish heritage, to explore it. It may or may not lead to Polish citizenship but one thing’s for sure: learning about your ancestry and taking pride in your heritage can be life-changing.

For me, the great benefit of working as a researcher is to follow my other passion, history. Helping people reconnect with their roots is the greatest joy and is what makes my job worthwhile.

I am a resident of the UK, and also a holder of a Polish Citizenship and passport, currently studying architecture in London, and personally find it extremely reassuring that should I so desire, I do have the opportunity to complete the further stages of my studies somewhere like Germany or Sweden. So now, I would argue, is the best time to consider European Citizenship and see if, you too, might be eligible for obtaining an EU Passport.

Polaron we will be hosting free, face-to-face consultations in our offices in Somerset House, between 3 and 6 April. So if you have Polish heritage, why not come and learn more about how the process works, what is required and how we can help you?

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Filip Zielinski is a researcher at Polaron.