Stephen Mattsson

Advisory Board Member

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Stephen is well respected as a small business entrepreneur.  He commenced his career in sales at a photographic store, and moved through a publishing company, to establish a telephone entertainment business.  He went on to be International Operations Manager of a telephone entertainment company spanning Europe, USA and Asia for 5 years.   He then turned his talents to the travel industry, arranging business and leisure travel, as well as conference and leisure groups.

Stephen today is Practice Manager for 2 privately owned dental clinics, managing 42 staff to provide an excellent customer service experience, with cutting edge technology, and good old fashioned service.  Throughout his career he has volunteered on several committees and boards including the Norwegian Club of Victoria, the ALSO Foundation, and several others.  He is s strong proponent of equality in all its forms.

Fun fact: Stephen had a stint developing a video store and online rental of DVD’s (before Netflix was a thing).