Language services for Australia’s fast growing diverse population.

Australia's Linguistic Diversity_PolaronThe role of language services is to bridge the communication gap between service providers and communities they serve. Translating your marketing collateral, business documents and corporate information is an important step to engage the considerable part of Australia’s population that doesn’t have English as mother tongue. Helping you choose the languages in which to translate your information is an essential part of the service we offer.

Languages from Arabic to Zulu

Australians speak over 300 languages and we can help with all of them. You can trust us with the most common languages, including Arabic, Chinese, German, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, Russian, Turkish, Vietnamese, Italian, French, Polish, and Greek. We can also help with some less common ones, such as Albanian, Maltese, Samoan, Tamil, Nepali, Oromo, Somali, Estonian, and even Icelandic!

TOP TIP: French, Arabic, Hindi, Chinese, Russian and Spanish are often spoken as a second or third language: you can maximise your reach translating information into one of these languages.

Discover linguistic diversity

You’ll be surprised at the diversity of our communities. Start here to discover some interesting facts. You can learn even more about Australia’s linguistic and cultural diversity by visiting the Australian Bureau of Statistic website.