Improve your organisation’s reach and performance through cultural competency training.

Hopefully, cultural diversity isn’t just something that gets ticked off your organisation’s to-do-list. Progressive companies know that embracing diversity has a positive impact on their reach and performance. Programs, services and products designed to be flexible and inclusive can make them more available to a wider section of the community. A well trained and supported workforce reflects the diversity of the community it serves and understands the needs of its clients better. This helps in creating more efficient and responsive policies and outcomes.

Training solutions

Your requirements will guide us in designing a training course that suits your needs. Our solutions are flexible in terms of time, cost and duration. We offer training in:

  • strategies for engaging diverse communities
  • improving service delivery to diverse communities
  • unpacking diversity in the workplace
  • working with interpreters
  • turning language diversity into a corporate asset
  • implementing and consolidating policies
  • facilitating cultural changes in the workplace.

Who can benefit

If you think that only organisations dealing with foreign countries need cultural competency training, think again. Cultural competence is essential for any organisation operating within Australia’s diverse communities. So whether you are a small business wanting to tap into new markets, or a large governmental agency implementing a diversity policy, this training will benefit your staff and clients. It has has proved to be especially beneficial for organisations and companies:

  • with a diverse workforce
  • with a diverse customer base
  • implementing or consolidating the implementation of diversity policies
  • wanting to change their culture on diversity
  • wanting to take advantage of new, multicultural markets, both in Australia and abroad.

How the training works

You tell us what you want to achieve, we analyse your requirements and create a training solution to fit your needs in terms of size, duration and intensity. We can present a one-off session, or we can create modules to be presented over a number of sessions.


Our training is always interactive and engaging. It comes with practical hands-on activities, role plays, hand-outs, work sheets, glossaries and other resources that will support and reinforce the learning acquired during the sessions.

Expatriate coaching

When you appoint your staff to overseas assignments you want to make sure that they are equipped with the cultural tools to perform in new settings.

Talk to us about a tailored training to help your staff familiarise with local customs, cultural differences and social expectations of the new posting.

Expatriate coaching for staff appointed overseas will make a great difference to your staff’s performance, independence and success in the new environment.

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