Mandarin vs. Cantonese

Chinese belongs to the Sino-Tibetan family of languages. The term Chinese language refers to a group of local dialects. In their spoken form, they are often mutually unintelligible but share one writing system. Chinese writing is logographic, where a symbol represents one word, syllable or …

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A guide to proofreading text for translation

When writing for translation, ensure sure you have a good knowledge of punctuation and grammar. If not, give it to a friend or colleague with excellent written skills, or better still, to a professional copy writer. Many people choose to engage a professional for this important task not only …

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Multilingual Desktop Publishing Basics for Translators

When it comes to post-translation multilingual design of brochures, fact sheets and other marketing collateral, planning is the key. Nowadays, most translators are expected to be equipped with desktop publishing software and be able to use it effectively. Software varies from InDesign to Quark …

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Choosing the right translation company

If you are new to translation, it can be a bit of a daunting process. There is just no way for you to know if your information will be translated correctly. Or is there? You hear of so many translation blunders, yet the biggest mistake an organisation can make in translation is not to …

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How to get an internship at a translation company

With thousands of people graduating from universities, colleges and other educational institution, without solid work experience, you may find yourself in a catch 22 situation: no one wants to hire you without experience but how do you get the experience if no one wants to hire you? Working as …

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Wondering about translations?

Miss Translation is your go-to expert for everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the world of languages. Especially passionate about translation and interpreting, Miss Translation loves sharing her knowledge to help you get a better translation.

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When you don’t speak their language – A bit about interpreting

Interpretation is the verbal translation of a conversation or presentation. An interpreter’s role is to ensure communication between parties is as clear as possible and misunderstandings are minimised. Having an interpreter allows you to express yourself in your native language. An interpreter …

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Preparing text for translation

Knowing how to prepare the text before submitting it to the translation company will save you time and money. A good translation does depend on how the original text is written. With this in mind, I have prepared some tips to help you to write text that is easier to understand, translate and …

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