Medical and pharmaceutical

Increase your reach, decrease your risk.

Several studies document that failure to consider a patient’s cultural and linguistic issues can present risk/s to health services and their clients, especially in terms of preventable adverse events in patients of minority backgrounds.

Victoria University | Review of Current Cultural and Linguistic Diversity and Cultural Competence Reporting Requirements, Minimum Standards and Benchmarks for Victoria Health Services Project

Reducing risk

Translating and interpreting medical and pharmaceutical data requires focus, absolute attention to detail and experience in the medical field. A simple variation in meaning in a medical or pharmaceutical document could have serious consequences, posing a risk for your organisation.

We will match your documents with linguists who have the right qualifications and experience in the medical and pharmaceutical fields, to ensure that your materials are translated with absolute accuracy. All our linguists undergo stringent procedures to monitor the quality of their work and to ensure that strict confidentiality is maintained at all times.

There is evidence that people prefer pictures in health messages that are culturally sensitive and include representations of people like themselves.

Department of Health | Effective Communication of pathology results to requesting practitioners and consumers, CALD Appropriate Communication

It’s to your advantage

Polaron language experts can help you:

  • reduce risk of medical error and increase patient safety and access to information with consent forms, post-op instructions, dosing and prescription information;
  • comply with guidelines and legislation in matter of access and equity;
  • increase diversity in your clinical trial protocols;
  • improve accessibility of packaging, labels and inserts;
  • improve access and dissemination of scientific and technical articles;
  • improve accessibility of case report forms;
  • increase reach of advertisement.

Our interpreters and translators are available in over 100 languages and dialects and are experienced at working in confidential medical settings. Let us show you the difference that professionalism, quality assurance and teamwork can make to your experience.