Getting your message across to wider audiences.

HSBC Bank was forced to rebrand its entire global private banking operations after bringing a U.S. campaign overseas. In 2009, the worldwide bank spent millions of dollars to scrap its 5-year-old “Assume Nothing” campaign. Problems arose when the message was brought overseas, where it was translated in many countries as “Do Nothing.” In the end, the bank spent $10 million to change its tagline to “The world’s private bank,” which has a much more friendly translation.

Business News Daily, 7 October 2013

Reaching audiences in their language

Diversifying your market means reaching wider audiences in their preferred language, presenting your products and services in a way that is accessible and culturally appropriate, while avoiding the pitfalls that lack of localisation can represent.

A simple variation of meaning when translating your slogan can result in financial loss and damage to your reputation. Translating marketing texts requires specific skills and knowledge of the cultural nuances of the target community you want to reach.

We only entrust your documents to highly skilled linguists who have years of experience in the communication, marketing and advertising industries. This ensures that your message is transferred with absolute accuracy from one culture to another.

Expanding markets

Whether you need to subtitle an organisational video, translate and adapt your website or to prepare a presentation as part of a proposal, we can help you:

  • develop and localise your material through the facilitation of focus groups with representatives of the intended audiences;
  • conduct market research with your intended audiences;
  • increase access to your print, digital and audiovisual marketing material;
  • increase your potential market in Australia by reaching a more diverse clientele.

All of our linguists undergo stringent quality assurance procedures to monitor the quality of their work and to ensure that strict confidentiality is maintained at all times.  We can provide translation and localisation services in over 100 languages and dialects to help you make an impact on a global scale.