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There is a direct link between internationalisation and increased small and medium enterprises performance: international activities reinforce growth, enhance competitiveness and support the long-term sustainability of companies.

The Journal, 20 September 2010

Remaining competitive

With the steady increase in offshore manufacturing and with the opportunities offered by new markets, having access to competent, trusted and knowledgeable language experts is essential to remain competitive.

Whether you need to translate an instruction manual, technical specifications of a product, health and safety guidelines or a commercial agreement, we match your requirements with a linguist who has extensive knowledge of the manufacturing industry, as well as industry-specific terminology.

With Polaron, your non-English speaking partners, customers and stakeholders can easily access and understand your content. We help you reduce time to market and guarantee that the information offered across all your information channels is consistent, culturally appropriate and reliable.

To grow a business globally, you need a translation strategy that breaks down communication barriers not only with customers but also manufacturing and distribution teams and across your entire enterprise. Companies can deploy an integrated translation solution that not only translates accurately with many linguistic nuances but also delivers the new versions in multiple formats, quickly.

Entrepreneur, 20 November 2014 


We can help:

  • internationalise your business through the provision of catalogues, user manuals, installation guides and product specifications in languages other than English;
  • reduce risk and liability by ensuring that human resources and OH&S information is available and accessible in the language of your workforce;
  • reduce costly errors caused by inconsistent terminology by creating a glossary of technical terms;
  • increase the reach of your market in Australia by accessing diverse communities;
  • increase market opportunities by accessing tenders, patents, scientific papers and international conferences in languages other than English;
  • increase global competitiveness by translating your website and adapting it to different target audiences;
  • save costs by tapping into an international workforce;
  • increase clients’ satisfaction by communicating and providing information in their preferred language.

Where necessary, our translations can be certified for acceptance by any Australian or overseas government agency.

Our interpreters and translators have a minimum of three years’ relevant experience in the industry and cover over 100 languages and dialects. They undergo stringent procedures to monitor the quality of their work and to ensure that strict confidentiality is maintained at all times.