Legal and law enforcement

Official translations and interpreting for all legal and law enforcement contexts.

Knowing the legal system

In the legal and law enforcement sectors, a simple variation in meaning or the wrong interpretation of a verb can make a substantial difference to outcomes. This is why you should rely on interpreters and translators who are experts in legal terminology, both in English and in the target language, and are familiar with both legal systems.

There is a need for more detailed information about legal proceedings, and for a commitment by the police, legal representatives and the courts to apply more consistency in the use of interpreters. The interpreters need to be rigorously trained in appropriate interpreting techniques and on the issues of family violence and legal concepts.

Barriers to the Justice System Faced by CALD Women Experiencing Family Violence | InTouch Multicultural Centre Against Family Violence

We have years of experience with translation and interpreting assignments for the legal and law enforcement sectors, and we have assisted with high profile litigation, government tenders and police surveillance operations. Our language experts are specialised in the legal field and we guarantee that, if required, they are able to attend court hearings to verify their translations.

Quality and confidentiality

All of our interpreters are professionals with  NAATI level 3 accreditation who know how to deliver quality work and ensure strict confidentiality is maintained at all times.

Whether you need to translate a will, a tender document, a contract or whether you need language assistance with court proceedings or a legal conference, our interpreters and translators are available in over 100 languages and dialects and are authorised to work within any Australian government agency. Let us show you the difference that professionalism, quality assurance and teamwork can make to your organisation’s reputation and business success.

It’s to your advantage

Polaron’s language experts can help you:

  • improve international presence and relationships;
  • comply with access and privacy regulations;
  • increase the use of your services by diverse communities;
  • take advantage of technical, service and product specifications available in languages other than English;
  • deal with foreign legal, court and judicial systems;
  • confidently approach the Australian legal, court and judicial systems if you have limited English language knowledge.

Translations can be certified for acceptance by any Australian or overseas government agency, including all levels of the Australian judicial system.