Dominic Carter

Operations manager

Translation has been in my blood for generations. My grandmother was the Chief Translator to the Queen Mother during her overseas trips and she also translated many of Prince Phillip’s speeches. Our profession is developing faster than ever so staying on top of the advances is one of my top priorities.

Dominic Carter, Operations manager

Dominic has a Master’s Degree in French and Theory of Language and Literature from University College London. Before coming to Australia, he worked with a leading European translation company, managing a range of projects for a portfolio of well-established corporate entities and European institutions.

Prior to that, he spent several years at the Publications Office of the EU in Luxembourg, proofreading a range of official publications. He also worked as a translator for the Ministry of Education and was the head of a language school.

Outside of work, Dominic is a keen musician and an avid reader of thrillers, philosophy and classic French literature. He also happens to be the most bi-lingual person you are ever likely to meet.